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> Auto Electrical

> Car Service - Minor or Major Service

> Repairs to All Makes & Models

> Engine & Gearbox Overhauls

> Drive Line Repairs ( Diff's, Steering Rack/ Steering Box Replacement, CV Joints, Clutch Replacements, Torque Converter, Wheel Bearings and Prop-shafts Repairs)

> All Suspension Repairs (Shocks, Wheel Bearings, Tie Rod Ends, Rack Ends, Ball Joints, Upper / Lower Control Arms, Drag Links, Stabilizer Links, V-Arm Shafts, Idler Arms/ Bushes, Brakes, Struts etc.)

> Fleet Maintenance

> 24 Hour Service & Towing Services

> RMI Approved

> Specialised in Toyota & VW Vehicles